{Mini Review} You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia day


Nary a geek is unfamiliar with the ginger goddess that is Felicia Day. As a girl who games, she is one of my favorite actresses, singers, and writers. Just watch The Guild – one episode, and I guarantee you’ll be addicted. This book is possibly the most entertaining autobiography I have ever read, not just because it tells the story of someone I really like, but because of how weird her life is and how honest she is about her struggles, achievements, and setbacks.

It’s rare to see an autobiographer admit that they turned into a pizza-munching zombie, zoned out in front of their PC, playing World of Warcraft for months at a time. But Felicia Day talks about her dark moments with such honesty that even if you’ve never heard of WoW, you’ll be able to relate. She talks about the struggle to succeed in a cutthroat town like Hollywood and the journey to accepting herself and forging her own path.

The feeling this autobiography leaves you with is one of optimistic hope that one day, embracing your own weirdness will pay off somehow. It’s funny, quirky, and yes, geeky, but also rather inspiring, because it tells you that whether you’re a nerd or a jock or a “cool kid” or whatever, you can shape your own future and do what you love.

Verdict: 3.75 s



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