Book Review Rating System


This is is the rating system I use to rate books when I review them. It’s the standard 5-star rating system and each book will be judged based on the actual story and plot, how well-written it is, and whether I liked it or not. Any book that falls between two numbers means that it had some redeeming factor or extra edge that made it better.

5 ★: I loved this book. I could find little to nothing wrong with it and it was an awesome read.

4 ★: I really liked this book, but there were some aspects that bothered me. However, it was still a great read. 

3 ★: I liked this book, but I either felt like something was missing or didn’t like some integral parts.

2 ★: This book wasn’t totally awful, but it wasn’t that great either. 

1 ★: I did not like this book at all. *throws book out the window*

*Disclaimer: my literary taste is my own, so even if I hate a book, that doesn’t mean that you or someone else can’t love it. I want to write honest and fair reviews. So yay for literary diversity!


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